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Designing A Plan

An effective incentive design, that encourages your talent to stay with your company, must have real value for the targeted Key Employee.

We create a profile of each of your candidates, then design a meaningful incentive package for each candidate or a group tailored specifically to that selected employee or group.

An incentive design typically includes one or more of the following features:

  • Deferred bonus with performance or service year incentives, or both
  • Survivor benefits
  • Children’s college funding
  • Supplemental Retirement income
  • Disability benefits
  • Long-term care benefits

Our incentive plans are designed to help you retain and reward your most valuable employees by:

  • Ensuring that the incentive(s) are a motivator for the employee
  • Involving the employee’s family when possible
  • Rewarding over periods of time for performance or longevity, or both
  • Creating a significant financial hurdle for a competing employer

There are also features designed to lower risk for the employer:

  • In the event of voluntary or involuntary termination prior to plan completion, all benefits are surrendered to the company
  • The employer is typically reimbursed a significant portion of the cost of funding the plan
  • Reimbursement can then be used in any way the company chooses

The bottom line is this: The freedom and flexibility to respond to a dynamic employment environment is now within your reach.