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The Challenge Rewarding

Most companies offer comparable salaries and group benefits, often including 401k or profit sharing plans. In a competitive environment, they aren’t viewed as rewards, they’re simply what’s expected.

For your company to stand out from your competition, you need incentive plans that stand out.

Willard Financial Group offers your company incentive designs that are:

Customized: We design programs at the individual level, which means every employee has a plan that is meaningful to them. We take into account, for example, that what motivates a 30 year old employee is likely to be very different from what motivates a 60 year old employee.

Selective: Your employees aren’t all the same, and your incentive designs don’t need to be. We target the individuals and teams in your company that you want to recognize.

Flexible: Our incentive designs can be implemented across a division, across an employment category (for example, Executives, Sales Managers, Engineers or RN’s, to name only a few) or applied to an individual or to a small group of high-value, high-impact employees.

The bottom line is this: An incentive program is only as valuable as your employees perceive it to be. Our plans are designed to fit your needs and your personnel, making them an integral component of your company’s retention, reward, and recruiting strategy.