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Retirement Planning


Surprisingly, many business owners fail to maximize their business as a source of retirement income. We can show you how to use living buyouts, deferred compensation, consulting arrangements and other tools in tandem with your personal retirement and investment plans to build a secure retirement - without stripping your business of cash.


You’ve done all “the right things”: you’ve built for the future, invested carefully, watched your expenses, maximized your 401(K) - but have you considered that your greatest retirement asset may be … your business?

Some things to think about:

  • How do I gracefully “disengage”?
  • Should I cut down my day-to-day hours in the office, or retire completely?
  • Who will run the business in my absence? Is there a way to “test” the plan, or “wait and see”?
  • Can I begin to transfer ownership but retain control?
  • How can I continue to get income from the business? Do I have to sell it? And what about taxes?

At Willard Financial Group, our team understands the importance of your business- not just in the areas of business succession and estate planning, but as a key element of a secure retirement. A well-coordinated plan can enable you to:

  • Secure a predictable retirement income stream from the business without stripping it of needed cash.
  • Determine a pace of withdrawal that meets your objectives.
  • Retain flexibility to adjust your plan as the skills and aptitudes of your successor(s) become apparent, or as your objectives or circumstances change.
  • Be certain that your overall planning- key employee benefits, business succession, estate and retirement planning- are well-coordinated, working together and reflecting your needs, objectives and values.