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What We Do

We are a one-stop-shop that designs, implements, administers and monitors "simple incentive plans" that discourage key employees from leaving your company. Because of our ability to navigate through the maze of regulations and tax laws we can provide you with the ability to pick and choose who participates and who doesn't. Once you decide which employees will participate, we can custom design a simple plan tailored to each individual or a group.

Successful retention of a key employee is determined by the key person’s perceived threat of losing a valued benefit. The more meaningful the benefit, the less likely your key person will engage in activity that may lead them to join the competition. Our ability to design unique incentive packages tailored to each candidate is paramount to enhancing loyalty and long-term productivity. What’s meaningful to a 30 year old single mother with college expenses on the horizon is very different than a 58 year old married man with retirement on the horizon. Building a compelling benefit with the risk of losing it upon separation that cannot be easily duplicated by a competitor are the three necessary ingredients to a highly successful deterrent. The end product is a simple to understand, highly-effective solution that gives the key employee a significant ongoing incentive to stay with your company.

Our intrinsic value starts with:

  1. Selective  - unlike 401k plans, our simple incentive plans allow the employer to select whom they want to participate, and not be required to offer the plan to all employees.
  2. Most of our plans come with a “cost recovery” feature that reimburses the company a significant amount of their investment if the participant separates from the company before vesting requirements are met.
  3. Providing a “one stop shop” to simplify and “fast track” the process with no nickel and diming. Not only do we provide the solutions to key employee retention issues, but we also “do the work” of implementing, administering, funding and monitoring the plan. We are able to do this because of the enormous amount of expertise we bring to the table and because we coordinate related accounting and legal steps with your existing advisors.