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Why Us?

Reason #1:

Willard Financial Group is the right partner for you if your company:

  • Needs to retain and reward a select few key employees
  • Is experiencing unwanted top talent turnover
  • Is concerned about key employees stampeding out the door
  • Needs a business succession plan that focuses on selling the company to a select few key employees
  • Wants to significantly sweeten the deal to recruit a top talent with little up-front cost
  • Has top income earners hurt by qualified plan limits
  • Is in need of an effective deterrent that works 24/7 to discourage poaching of your key people

Reason #2:

Because of Who We Are

  • Our Team: highly qualified professionals that navigate through the maze of regulations requiring knowledge in tax law, funding vehicles and accounting practices enabling us to provide you with creative, effective planning in an increasingly complex tax and regulatory environment.
  • Service: Our personalized employee enrollment approach, along with an effective and on-going employee communication package, act as a constant reminder of the incentive plan benefits provided by continuing employment with your company.
  • We do the work: from case design to implementation, enrollment, creating specimen legal documents, providing and managing funding options, as well as completing administration and preparing reports
  • Customization: our ability to customize a plan for an individual or group improves effectiveness; what’s meaningful to a 30 year old key employee with a family of four is very different from a 58 year old with retirement on the horizon.
  • Experience: we have been perfecting these programs since 1996, successfully implementing hundreds of plans, for groups both large and small. We know how to design and deliver an effective and affordable incentive program tailored to fit your company needs.
  • Longevity: Our team of professionals has nearly a century of combined experience with these plans. We are experts in the field, providing your company with the knowledge, strategies, and techniques to retain and reward your talented employees.
  • Our objective is to develop ongoing relationships with our clients so the planning always serves your best interest in the face of constantly changing legal, tax and personal circumstances.